Back to the Movies: A Guide to WyoMovies Safety Protocols

Welcome back to the movies! Studio City East and Studio City Mesa (Casper), Studio City UW (Laramie), the Capitol Cinema 12 (Cheyenne) and the Star Stadium (Rock Springs) are open!


Please review the following protocols prior to visiting us:

All employees will be wearing masks or facial coverings until they have been vaccinated. ADDITIONALLY, we encourage guests to wear a mask or facial covering while in the lobby and hallways. Once you reach your seat you may remove your mask to enjoy your concession items. We appreciate your understanding in following this policy. 

Daily anti-microbe protection in the lobbies: We use the PURE® protectant daily on our lobbies. This food service safe product provides 24 hour anti-microbe protection on our soft drink beverage bar and other customer contact points.

90 Day auditorium protection against microbes: BioProtect® is a hospital grade protectant used in our auditoriums and restrooms. Electrostatic spraying insures that our seats, handrails, doors and toilet facilities are completely covered. BioProtect is typically used in health care facilities and private aircraft.

Fresh air upgrades: Our air system brings in double the amount of fresh air as required by code. Each morning, the auditorium air is completely purged. Fresh air and recirculated air then passes through MERV-13 filters which are effective in trapping germs and viruses.

If you are not feeling well, please check for these symptoms before visiting us. RAIN CHECKS are available if you have already purchased tickets and decide you are not well enough to join us.

Everyone is reminded to maintain physical distancing protocols. This applies to lobbies, hallways and restrooms. Be sure to provide distancing when entering or exiting auditoriums. Groups are limited to six persons.

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided. Additionally, all seats and contact surfaces will be disinfected before each showing. Individual sanitizing towelettes are available at no charge. When washing your hands, be sure to sing “Happy Birthday to Me” two times. Your mom will be proud.

Online ticket purchases are strongly encouraged. Please bring in your confirmation number to speed entry. Online ticket orders will not be available from Atom Tickets. Cash is accepted at the theatre, but credit/debit and gift cards are preferred. As always, PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY so we can minimize lines.

Our team members have a health screening prior to each shift, including a contactless temperature check. Our training program now includes extensive protocols for the highest standards in food handling and personal safety.

Assorted FAQ:

Q: Are my Studio Rewards points and rewards still good?
A: Yes. Your concession cash is still available. Free tickets that were valid prior to the shutdown remain valid through November 1, 2020. The expiration on Corporate tickets and concessions will be extended. Please contact the business that issued them to you. This is a good time to create your online Studio Rewards account at this link.

Q: Are my gift cards still good?
A: Gift cards are subject to expiration after five years. However, we are currently not enforcing that policy.

Q: Is the concession menu the same?
A: Mostly yes. At this time we are not permitted to sell Pucker Powder or self serve frozen yogurt.

Q: Can I still get a free refill on my large drink and popcorn?
A: Yes, however we cannot refill your original cup or bag. Please bring the empty items to the concession counter for a fresh cup or bag.

Q: How will you maintain social distancing in the lobby?
A: We have marked out waiting lines in the lobby. If these areas are full, then no additional guests will be admitted into the lobby area. PLEASE PLAN ON AN EARLY ARRIVAL TIME.

Q: Have you made any changes in public seating areas?
A: Yes, at this time we have closed the party rooms and removed much of our lobby seating. The Governor’s order prohibits non-related groups from associating before or after the movie. Again, please maintain physical distancing in these areas.

Q: Will there be any changes to these protocols?
A: As vaccination progress continues, we expect to eliminate the mask request and seat gap requirements in May.